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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner Units (ACU) are supplied based on the type of aircraft that customers are operating in high ambient temperature. 120 tons and up.

Aircraft Heaters

We provide reliable and safe heater units from commuter to wide-body aircraft range. Includes Diesel and Electric powered heaters.

Baggage Carts

Baggage Carts feature steel frames in both open and closed type with vinyl curtains. (Please contact us for trade option)

Belt Loaders

A range of reliable Belt loaders unit, available to commercial airlines and FBOs, based on aircraft specifications and requirements.

Ground Power Units

A full range of ground power units are supplied based on customer requirements, including frequency converters, AC/DC Diesel Ground Power Units, and DC Power Carts.

Aircraft Jack

Canada Flight Services has extensive experience in selling and servicing a full range of main wing jacks, nose jacks and axle jacks as per our customers in MRO, airlines and FBOs requirement.

Cargo Loaders

A full range of reliable and cost-effective main deck loaders, commanders unit and lower deck unit are available to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Airstart Units

Canada Flight Services provides refurbished and 0 time overhauled ASU from 85ppm to 400ppm continuous airflow, for commercial aircraft and business jets.

Baggage Tractors

Baggage tug/tractors are available with gasoline engine, diesel engine and electric motor with or without cab in refurbished, 0 time overhauled or new condition. (Please contact us for trade option)

Aircraft Towbars

Aircraft Towbars are available in both multi-head and regular configurations to meet operator’s application.

Passenger Stairs Unit

Available towed stairs and truck mounted stairs unit offer reliable boarding of passengers. Truck mounted stairs chassis is self-propelled for easy maneuvering, while stabilizers provide structural firmness.

Aircraft Tugs

Our sales engineer consults with customers to provide a full range of tow tractors from 4,000 lbs/dbp to 120,000 lbs/dbp. Range of tow tractors we provide includes Electric Tug, Towbarless, Pushback Tugs and Conventional Tow Tractors available as new, used operational, refurbished, and zero-time overhaul.

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